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  • Veterinary Management of Tortoises and Turtles*

    This book is an easy-to-use and practical guide on tortoise and turtle care for the veterinary practitioner. The text covers the common medical and surgical conditions encountered by veterinarians and offers detailed advice on their diagnosis and treatment. Sections include those on anatomy, nutrition, handling techniques and hibernation as well as infections, suitable drugs and dose rates, laboratory tests and radiographic techniques, use of anaesthesia, surgical techniques including coeliomtomy and the management of egg retention. The book is illustrated throughout with numerous tables, line drawings and colour plates. Meer info
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  • Schildkröten

    Lebendige Erdgeschichte Dieses Buch bietet einen umfassenden Überblick über die äußerst vielgestaltige und alte Ordnung der Schildkroten. Sie finden mehr zu • Entwicklungsgeschichte, Systematik, Biologie und Verbreitung • Terrarien und ihre Einrichtung, Pflege, Ernährung, Fortpflanzung und Aufzucht, • Erkrankungen und ihre Behandlung, • über 90 Artenporträts aus den Familien Alligator-, Großkopf-, Neuwelt-Sumpf-, Landschild-, Altwelt-Sumpf-, Neuguinea-Weich-, Echte Weich-, Tobascoschild-, Kreuzbrust-, Schlamm-, Schlangenhals- und Amerikanische Schlangen- halsschildkröten. Meer info
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  • Die Schildkröte

    Erstes tiermedizinisches Fachbuch der Schildkröten-Expertin Petra Kölle, das sich ausschließlich mit Schildkröten, deren Krankheiten und Therapie beschäftigt. Mit Hintergrundwissen für die Beratung von Schildkrötenhaltern und tierspezifischem Know-How, wie z.B. Anleitungen für Operationen oder Beschreibungen der Diagnostik und Therapie von Krankheiten. Mit zahlreichen Praxistipps, Fotos (Arten, Krankheiten, Operationen) und Checklisten, die an Halter weitergegeben werden können. Aus dem Inhalt: Die Biologie der Schildkröte Haltung und Fütterung Propädeutik Spezielle Untersuchungs-Methoden Krankheiten Vorgehen bei Leitsymptomen Narkose und Euthanasie OP-Techniken Tabellen und Glossar Meer info
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  • Essentials of Tortoise Medicine and Surgery*

    Reach for this book whenever a sick or injured tortoise comes into the surgery. Essentials of Tortoise Medicine and Surgery is designed as a concise and practical quick reference for the busy practitioner seeing chelonians as part of their caseload. Covering everything from species identification to common basic surgery for tortoises and freshwater turtles, the emphasis is on the more common and likely diagnoses. The first section of the book gives an overview of the basics of tortoise and semi-aquatic/ aquatic freshwater turtle husbandry and keeping, as well as a guide to general investigation and diagnostic techniques open to clinicians. The second section provides a clinical guide based on clinical signs and differential diagnoses. Based upon the experience of authors who have been practicing with these species for several decades, this book is a useful guide to veterinarians, students, veterinary nurses and technicians new to working with these fascinating creatures. It will also serve as a useful aide memoire to more experienced clinicians. Part I Introduction 1 Biology 2 Husbandry 3 Practice Needs 4 Examination 5 Basic Techniques 6 General Anaesthesia 7 Imaging 8 Surgery 9 Clinical Pathology Part II Presentations 10 Anorexia 11 Diarrhoea 12 Dyspnoea 13 Otitis Media/Aural Abscess 14 Egg Retention/Dystocia 15 Fallen in Pond 16 Follicular Stasis 17 Orthopaedics 18 Fractures of the Shell 19 Hepatic Lipidosis 20 Lameness 21 Lethargy 22 Soft Tissue Masses 23 Nasal Discharge 24 Ocular and Conjunctival/Palpebral Swelling 25 Ocular Opacities and Blindness 26 Generalised Oedema or Anasarca 27 Inflammation of the Oral (Stomatitis) and Pharyngeal Areas 28 External Parasites 29 Internal Parasites 30 Peeling Skin or Shell 31 Prolapse 32 Shell Disease 33 Skin Ulceration 34 Soft Tissue Trauma 35 Swimming Problems 36 Swollen Limbs 37 Uroliths 38 Vomiting and Regurgitation 39 Metabolic Bone Diseases 40 Shell Deformities Appendix 1 Formulary Appendix 2 Haematological Normals Appendix 3 Toxicoses Index Meer info
    € 59,95

  • Medicine and Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles*

    This is an innovative and exciting new reference book on the management of chelonians. Covering everything from species identification to virus isolation techniques, it is an indispensable source of information for veterinary practitioners treating sick or injured chelonians and all those involved in captive chelonian care, chelonian conservation medicine, and scientific research. Written by leading chelonian veterinarians from around the world, this definitive book includes: -Detailed sections on anatomy, physiology, husbandry, nutrition, diagnosis, diseases, anaesthesia, surgery, therapeutics and conservation. -Over 1000 full-colour photographs, which take the reader through disease recognition, practical nursing, captive husbandry and common surgical conditions. -Down-to-earth clinical information presented in a user-friendly format. This is a step-by-step photographic guide and a detailed source of clinical and scientific data. As well as this, it contains fascinating material that has never been published before, ensuring that it will become the primary chelonian reference book. Meer info
    € 245,70

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