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  • Red-Eared Sliders

    Red-eared sliders are captivating turtles with a host of fascinating behaviours. This updated, revised and comprehensive care and maintenance guide shows you how to choose a healthy turtle, determine its sex and create the proper environment for a long and healthy life. It includes detailed sections on breeding, common diseases and treatments and enclosure maintenance (heating, lighting and water treatment). This book also features various colour and pattern morphs of the red-eared slider, as well as information on similar species such as mud and musk turtles, painted turtles and Reeve's turtles. Meer info
    € 8,99

  • The guide to owning a Red-Eared Slider

    To many hobbyists, the Red-eared Slider is the turtle. This pretty, wideranging water turtle has been sold for decades, with most being captive-bred on southern farms. Keeping aq Red-ear is not always easy, but this book provides all the information necessary to successfully grow that baby slider into a breeding-size adult. It also is completely illustrated in color with photos of Red-ears and their closest relatives, making it a truly excellent value. Meer info
    € 12,75

  • Turtles & Tortoises

    Turtles and tortoises are fascinating survivors from an ancient world of reptiles that reach back to the age of the dinosaurs. Today they rank among the most threatened species on the planet. Their slow movement on land and lack of defenses combine with habitat destruction to make them vulnerable everywhere in the world. Meer info
    € 33,95

  • Turtles & Tortoises for Dummies

    This fun guide will help you choose the perfect turtle or tortoise for your lifestyle and give it care it needs to thrive. Turtle and tortoise expert Liz Palika provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to set up a tank, maintain proper water conditions, and feed and care for your chelonian. Meer info
    € 22,99

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