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Meet your Dog

the GAME-CHANGING GUIDE to Understanding your Dog's Behaviour

With revolutionary tips for specific dog breeds, this book will change the life of every dog owner and lead to happier human-canine relationships.

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Every dog owner knows that along with the joy can come the stress and frustration of behavioral problems, which are expensive to diagnose and treat. Enter Kim Brophey, award-winning canine behavior consultant. Using cutting-edge research, Brophey has developed a groundbreaking system that allows owners to identify what their dog is struggling with, why, and how they can fix it.

Brophey's approach is unlike anything that has been published before and will give dog owners a new understanding of what motivates and affects their dog's behavior. Brophey's innovative technique rethinks the way we categorize dogs, and distills information from over twenty scientific disciplines into four comprehensive elements: learning, environment, genetics, and self.


Extra informatie

Extra informatie

ISBN / EAN 9781452148991
Aantal pagina's 255
Uitvoering Hardcover
Taal Engels
Jaar 2018
Kenmerken Honden | Gedrag | Gids | Begrijpen
Artikelnummer HO6159
Informatie Nee


Klantenreviews (2)

As a Professional Dog TrainerReview door Carrie Davis
Anyone here have a dog? Anyone thinking about getting a dog? YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Kim has such a calm and realisitc approach to helping people underestand their dogs and the expectations we have for living with that dog. I review each breed/genetic section before I see a client. This helps remind myself of the potential issues they could have, and how to inject some humor into the situation. I will bring the book with me and read some parts of the gentic section to some clients! Faces light up, they smile and the remember they are not alone. Their dog is not out of the norm and there is a way to bring more peace to the home. The world does not need another training book- but a book to to open us to WHO ARE DOGS ARE. Kim gave us exactly what we need. This is a quick read that you wil go back to again and again- even for those of us who have been in the indsutry for years! Share this book with clients- share it with SHELTERS, RESCUES and VETS! Let's set up people and dogs for success by making sure they know what they are getting. (Geplaatst op 29-12-2018)
Meet your dogReview door Terry Kennedy-Lares
While this is not a "How to Train Your Dog" book, it will give you insights into your dog that will help you Immensely in your training process. Kim's detailed descriptions of the different behavior propensities for each canine type will give you an understanding of why your dog is actually doing the behavior you are trying to change. Want to know why your herding dog is barking? Want to know why your terrier is digging up your back yard? This book will tell you, and it also will give you a few ideas to help with the problem. Reading this book has made me more tolerant of some of the behaviors my dogs have. As a trainer, it also gives me a methodology of how to look at each individual dog. Understanding their "Learning, Experience, Genetics, and Self" will give any trainer a detailed look into the individual behavior of each dog that crosses your path. I recommend this book for anyone who owns a dog, or works professionally with dogs. (Geplaatst op 29-12-2018)

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