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Listen to me!

Exploring the emotional life of dogs

We love our dogs and do our very best to provide a home and an environment that will make them happy. So why are so many showing signs of stress? From March 2021 also available in Dutch: Luister naar mij!

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Theoretically, a dog has nothing to worry about; his food and shelter are provided for, and he is not exposed to external dangers that threaten his survival. But dog behaviourists have never been in so much demand as they try to rehabilitate dogs who are showing undesirable behaviour – becoming over-dependent, frightened or even aggressive – as they try to adapt to the lifestyle we are imposing on them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In Listen to Me!, behaviourist Tricia Hollingshead focuses on the domestic setting and the everyday interactions between the dog and his family, which include:
• Greeting rituals
• Playtime
• Attention seeking behaviours
• Training
• Going for walks
• Meeting other dogs
• Encounters with strangers

Using close observation, backed up by extensive experience of interpreting canine communication, she shows us how to pick up on vital clues that tell us how a dog is feeling. By gathering evidence in this way, we can make small but important changes in the way we behave with our dogs. We can give a dog space when he needs it, we can become more sensitive when we show affection, or change our routine to avoid back chaining and the build-up of stress and anxiety. Simple things – but they can make a major difference to a dog’s mental wellbeing.

Extra informatie

Extra informatie

ISBN / EAN 9781910488553
Aantal pagina's 112
Uitvoering Paperback
Taal Engels
Jaar 2020
Kenmerken Honden | Training | Gedrag
Artikelnummer HO6420
Informatie More than 200 photographs - Febr/March available in the dutch language: Luister naar mij


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Aanrader!Review door Judith
Wonderful and amazing, wat op de cover staat klopt. Aanrader! (Geplaatst op 20-06-2020)

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